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Dive Into the New Age of Distributed Teamwork

Our Services

Continuous Integration Support

We can work with you to improve the efficiency and reliability of your CI pipelines. We can work with your existing gradle scripts, Jenkins configurations, Azure Pipelines or other CI systems to improve your team's productivity and response times.

Android App Development

We have over a decade of experience working on Android, web, C++ and Java apps, and can rapidly bring that focus and experience to your existing project, to enable you and your team to increase development velocity and ship your project on time.

Innovation On Demand

Sometimes you can hit a brick wall when you work with new technologies. We can quickly consult with your existing team and add on-demand engineering power to get you through your initial research spike - and hand over our knowledge to your team before we finish the assignment.

Agile Coaching and Project Delivery

In addition to our development experience, we are also well versed in agile development and delivery processes. We can work within an agile team or consult with our scrum coaches to deliver an efficient and effective project management consultancy solution.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We provide consultancy services that can quickly and seamlessly integrate with your existing team and systems. We are trusted by our clients to deliver discreet and reliable development and project management expertise. We can quicly integrate with your team and hit the ground running, and only bill for the necessary time.

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